Monday, March 5, 2012


SAT 3/3:



SUN 3/4

  -12 HSPU

i did the open wod this last sat and finished with 83 reps. good enough, but not satisfying... my legs felt smoked after about 10 snatches into the 165's. the weight wasn't feeling too heavy and the endurance was fine, but my legs were so rubbery i could barley stabilize the catch. it really slowed me down a lot. I'm thinking that the two weeks i took off from training really affected my stamina. my legs were still a little sore from Tuesday's squatting, which may have been a factor too. but either way it was a wake up call to kick it in gear!  its easy to get caught up in the open, which I'm doing my best not to do. but these workouts are still a good test and a good way to see where my competition is.  i am training for regionals and that's when i plan to peak. my strength and endurance feel pretty good and i feel that I'm going to time it just right this year.  these next couple months are going to involve a much higher volume of conditioning. after the open wod i grabbed a bite to eat and headed up to auburn to the Forrest hill bridge with my girlfriend. it was a beautiful day up there and the run back to the top was brital as always, it took me 11:29. i could definitely feel my legs from the snatches, as well as the extra 7 lbs im holding onto right now..haha..time to get shredded!!

Sunday was planned to be an off day, but it lead to a nice little burner over at crossfit lodi. i was passing by after breakfast and saw some people doing the open wod so we stopped in  to say hello. i couldn't resist the urge to hit some quick so we did 3 rounds of 7 muscle ups, 9 kb snatches with each arm ,12 hspu, and cashed out with 50 burpees. i got the first two sets of muscle ups unbroken and went 4/2/1 on the last. my goal with these was no missed reps, the rings were hung low too so it was easy to hop off, shake it out and get right back in it. i did the 1st set of hspu strict then 6/6 on the following two sets with strict and kips. my goal here was just to do all 12 in one kick up. i finished the burpees with sets of 10 with short rest, and completed the whole wod in 10:28. my muscle ups are feeling a lot better, and i know as my body weight starts to go down a little they will just get that much easier.

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