Thursday, March 1, 2012





                       PUSH PRESS 3X3

                       PRESS 3X3

PM) WOD: 1-3-5-7-9

                    -MUSCLE UP(+4")


                     -HANG POWER CLEAN AND JERK(135#)

Started off today feeling very sore from my first day back training. legs, back, and traps were wrecked! Felt pretty awesome though, I missed it, is that weird?..haha...I attacked the shoulders with about an 85% weight just to feel the movement and not kill myself, plus my  shoulder was still a little tender from the spill I took in Australia. I used 225# for the power jerk, 205# for the push press and 160# for the strict press with a pause at the bottom of each rep. the first set of jerks felt bad and I actually missed my last rep. then I reminded myself that vacation was over and i attacked all the following sets with the aggressiveness I needed. once I fixed that, all the weights felt very light and I think I should have maybe gone a little heavier. but for the first week back staying with the moderate weight was probably a good idea. I wanted to do a little lung burner and some ab work but I ran out of time.

the pm wod was a good one. great combo of exercises and enough weight to challenge unbroken sets. I felt really good on everything until my 9 set of muscles, I had 2 misses that slowed my down a lot. something khalipa told me that I’ve been trying to implement was sometimes one rep is faster than several. which a lot of times it is, especially when it comes to muscle ups and failed reps. I wanted to try this but with he 4" jump to the rings every time it was kind of a hassle to keep coming off the rings so I was going for bigger sets. I felt rusty on this movement and plan on attacking it with some vengeance for the next couple months. I went unbroken on the sdhp's and hc and jerks until the last set where I went 5/2/2 and 7/2. I finished in 8:10. not bad but I know I can go faster. I might try this one again in a month or so. it feels really good to be back in the gym training and teaching classes. I really miss this stuff when I’m away from it. and the step I took backwards in my fitness is only going to result in a hugs jump forwards, I can feel it!

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