Tuesday, March 6, 2012



AM) SNATCH 3X1 @ 75%

         SQUAT 10X3 @ 80%

         SUMO DEADLIFT 5X1 @ 80%

                       -10 DEADLIFTS (315#)
                       -30 JUMP LUNGE
                       -50 DOUBLE UNDERS

                    REST 2 MIN
                    100 BURPEES

Today i started the 10x3 squat program. i used 310# today and plan on moving up 10-15#'s each week for the next 6 weeks. i had planned to do ohs today too but skipped it due to a little shoulder fatigue. I'm going to work up on my snatches every week by 5% and max out every sat. the snacthes went quick and easy at 185#. i really like the idea of getting this movement in twice a week due to its difficulty, and the 3x1 doesn't take much time anyways.  the squats at 310# felt solid. i started squatting in a flat soled show instead of the oly shows and it really made me dig my heals in and use my hamstrings. I'm not using a belt either unless i max out. next was the sumo deadlifts. this was the first time I've tried these for some weight and it felt very different. the pull is defiantly shorter but its a different feel, and it took a few reps to get used to .i used 395# for my working sets and again i could feel more pressure on my hamstrings and less on my low back. i think I'm going to stick with this style for 6 weeks or so.

for the early afternoon wod we did 3 rounds of 10 deadlifts(315#), 30 jump lunges, and 50 double unders. i felt pretty solid the whole way through, hitting all sets of deadlfits and double unders unbroken. the lunges got pretty horrible after the first set, i did a lot of 6's and 4's to finish but i kept a good pace and finished in 4:59.

when i got home i felt i needed a little more conditioning for the day so i ran my block at an increasing speed starting out at about 80% and finishing with a 100% sprint. i caught my breath for about 2 minutes and hit the 100 burpees on my front porch. kinda slow but it was a good burn, i finished in 5:29.

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