Tuesday, February 28, 2012



                              BACK SQUAT 3X3


PM) 5X 1000M ROW WITH 5/4/3/2 MIN REST

Sorry I’ve been MIA. Finally back from an amazing trip to Australia and back to training. I know I said id post more about our coogee beach wods but Blair did a great write up on that you can check out HERE. As for today I felt really powerful on my cleans, but my legs felt very weak. I kinda jacked my shoulder with a nice spill while sandboarding in Australia so as opposed to snatching I went with 1 power clean immediately followed by a clean. the weight was flying up! I hit 285# pretty easily for a 5lb pr, and was very close at 290 for 4 attempts, getting it on my shoulders every time but not able to stick any of them. I was very happy with that and was hoping that my time off from training would also transfer into my squat. this was not the case. I was able to get 345# for 3, but 355 for only 2. legs fell very weak and tired. this I was not happy with. my squat strength is always a weakness of mine and with the Russian squat cycle and some other strength programs I was finally reaching that 400# mark. Im hoping that this was just a fluke and next week my strength has come back. I’d really like to do another cycle of the Russian squat program but I think it’s too much right now with regionals around the corner. I’m thinking next week ill start the 10x3:3x3 program for back squat and front squat. I think my legs just need more volume than the windler program is giving me. I still plan use the windler plan for my deadlift, press and bench. I finished my am session with a quick lung burner. I want to start doing slightly more volume with the conditioning. last year my breathing and endurance felt unstoppable and I want to get it back to that point. I finished 3 rounds of 30 double unders and 10 burpees in 1:59. I messed up on the last set on double so that cost me a few seconds.

for the pm session I wanted to blast my conditioning without doing too much that would make me sore. so what better than 5 max effort 1000m rows with a descending rest period. I kept them at about 95% the whole way through and rowed 3:19/3:38/3:39/3:39/3:42. I knew going that hard not he 1st would drastically make my following rows drop off, but other than the initial drop I held it pretty consistent. I wanted to keep them all under 3:40 but I started that last row a little too slow and couldn’t make it up in the finish. that 2 min rest felt very short. feels great to be back on a regular program. the vacation was awesome and I needed it bad, but now I’m fired up and focused on showing up to regional’s feeling unstoppable!

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