Saturday, February 18, 2012



First day back to actually doing some training and it feels amazing!... Especially since it get to them in the hot sun and in front of some amazing beaches down under!... Today was out first full day here so our Aussie buddy,nick, took Blair, John and I down to the coastline to show us some of the area... We walked about 3-4 miles ona cement path that lined the coastline... Tons of people running, walking and exercising everywhere, pretty awesome... We stopped at several beaches to cool off in the ocean.. Water Is amazing, warm and turquoise. About every 1/2 mile or so there was these workout stations with various pull up bars, dip bars etc.. We spent a good 30 min at one of them playing around with some glide kips, muscle ups, levers and a handful of parallette bar variations... I was drenched in sweat and my arms, shoulders and chest were rocked... We tried the man test Ive seen on cf Santa Clara's site where you do 5 dips, walk forward on the bars, 5 dips walk backwards on the bars, 4 dips,3 dips etc.. Very challenging I only made it halfway through 3.. Fun time through.. We continued our journey playing around with a lot of handstand and l-sit variations off rocks and rails and anything else we found.. Finally we arrived at our final destination, bondi beach. This is a beautiful white sand beach with tons of people surfing, playing volleyball, skateboarding, swimming , laying out and just enjoying the weather.. There was a 9 foot wall lining the beach with some pretty badass graffiti work on it so we decided to go for another workout... After playing around with the possibilities of what we could do I ended up doing 5 rounds of 5 hspu, then 1 wall sacled to the top.. Pretty gassing workout and an awesome place to train... I'm missing the barbell stuff so I think tomorrow we'll take a bar down to the beach or somewhere cool and try to do some barbell work. If the open workout doesn't require any special equipment I'm hoping to take whatever we need down to one of these beaches and do the wod down there. I'll try to post some pics soon.

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