Thursday, February 2, 2012




                      SNATCH GRIP RACK JERK 2RM
                      SNATCH PULL 3X3
                      SNATCH DEADLIFT 3X3

                    -200M RUN
                    -5 STRICT HSPU
                    -5 HANG POWER SNATCH(115#)

Well as expected my legs are pretty beat up, but not nearly as bad as last week. it took a little time but i got my legs warmed up and started in on the power snatches. I've been rowing 1000m as part of my warm up everyday for the past 3-4 weeks and I'm really liking it. i alternate each day between a 18-20 stroke pace and a 30-32 stroke pace keeping the same 1:55 split, just to get some variation in tempo. not only is my stroke getting way more efficient but it really gets my legs and hips loose before i lift.  i went for a 3rm last week and got 195#, barley missing the 3rd rep at 200#, so i was hoping for 205# today. it took me 3 tries but i stuck 205# and when i did felt pretty easy. the 1st two attempts felt light but i kept getting lazy on the second rep, just needed to remind myself to stay tight through that 1st pull. I'm hoping for 215# for a single next week. next was the snacth grip rack jerks. i went 225/245/265/285 and then tried 305 but missed the 2nd rep. 3x3 snatch pulls at 235#, and 3x3 snatch deadlift at 255# to wrap it up.

the pm wod was pretty solid. a longer amrap with short rounds and reps/weight that didn't require me to break up sets or hesitate before starting. the hspu's felt easy the whole way, i was able to come in from the run and kick right up into them, walk to the bar and pick it up without hesitation. the runs got slower and slower but i pushed through til the end and got 12 rounds even. my running is nowhere near where it needs to be but i still have about 3 1/2 months until regionals so I'm just easing into it for the next month or so before i really start to ramp it up. the open starts in about 3 weeks and its getting me pretty excited. i cant believe the season is already here! I'm excited to see all my clients go nuts on these open wods and get involved in the sport of crossfit, its going to be a blast!


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