Friday, February 10, 2012



                      POWER CLEAN 2RM:1RM

            -9 DEADLIFT STANDING ON 45# PLATE (225#)
            -6 MUSCLE UPS
            -35 AIR SQUATS

Had an awesome day today training with some of Nor Cal's finest, Jason Khalipa, Neal Maddox, Garret Fisher, and a handful of other beasts! i made a trip out to San Jose to check out Jason and Pat Barbar's new affiliate, crossfit norcal. its an old club one, globo gym style, with lots of racket ball courts, steam room ,lockers, and a ton a space. a lot of potential with this spot. we started off with muscle clean, which is something I've never tried. it was hard to force myself not to redip under the weight but once i got the hang of it i really liked it. it definitely makes you pull hard with the arm and finish  the second pull of the clean.  i got 195# for 2 and 205# for one. next was power cleans. i got 265# pretty clean but missed my second lift at 275#. i did pr for a single at 280# and got really close at a couple attempts at 285#. it felt really good and solid, but the 315# Neal and Jason where throwing around somewhat dwarfed it..haha, those guys are very strong. props to up and coming Garret Fisher who power cleaned 285#.. pretty solid.

moving straight from the strength to the wod was a little different for me but i liked the change of pace. i felt pretty good until the 4th round when one failed muscle up seemed to make me fall way behind and made the following muscle ups seem very difficult. Jason and Neal are very fast on the deads and squats, and surprising very good with the muscle ups for some big guys. id say that's probably where i lost the most ground. i tried for a lot of triples and double on the muscle ups and gassed out by the 4th round, whereas Jason whom was right next to me was doing a lot of singles as early as the second round, but he was able to keep a good pace on them throughout the wod. i felt like my muscle ups were better than i was performing, possibly a little fatigued from he chest to bars the day before or maybe they just need a lot more work. i finished in 10:26, about 2 min behind Neal and Jason. feeling discouraged but never defeated, this experience has lit that fire up even more! the next showdown will be a little different!..haha..all in all it was awesome to train with guys. i get used to  always being out in front when i train, and as humbling as it was, it was really nice to fall behind and have to chase someone else. i think i got a little bit out of my comfort zone and may have been rushing things a little, live and learn. I'm going to try and make it out there with these guys as much as possible, it was a great push! thanks for the session guys!

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