Tuesday, January 10, 2012




WOD: 30 KB SWING(70#)
           30 BURPEES




Sorry for no post yesterday, i trained but my mind was completely flat due to some emotional issues, the training was horrible and did not deserve a post. its amazing how mental stress translates into physical fatigue. today was a different story.  the mental stress is still there but today i was able to harness it and unleash it on my training. i felt like i haven’t felt in a long time, unstoppable! i don’t know if it was training out of anger or what but there was nothing that was going to stop me today, i hoping to carry this mentality into this weekends competition.  my goal was 185# on the 5 rep tap and go squat snatch and i got it on the 1st attempt. my shoulder has been giving me a little discomfort so i did not try any higher. on the kb/burpee wod i felt susceptible to fatigue, i was pulling the kb upwards and pulling it downwards to speed up the swing and got 30 reps easily i immediately dropped into the 30 burpees and knocked them out as fast as i could possibly move right from the start and around 17 actually started to speed up. ive never been able to do that many burpees at that pace, it felt incredible, i finished in 1:47. after that i caught my breath for a few minutes and took on a set of max consecutive double unders. again i felt unstoppable and flipped that rope until my shoulders literally stopped working, i hit 300 straight and my arms where legitimately numb. about 70 more than my previous best. after teaching a couple classes we headed over to the uop stadium to attack the stairs. my legs and lungs were on fire but it did not slow me down, i finished in 12:35 about 1:15 faster than last time i did them a few weeks ago. still not my best, ive been under 12 a couple times, but i was also about 10 lbs lighter then. im weighing about 192# right now which is about 9-10#'s heavier than i was at the games. my strength feels much more solid and my conditioning doesn’t seem to be suffering. im definitely not as lean but im trying not to pay attention to that, just playing it by how i feel. tomorrow will be my last day of training for this week, and it shouldn’t be anything too crazy. i want to make sure im going into the oc throwdown as rested as possible.

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