Monday, January 23, 2012




                      BENCH PRESS: SAME AS ABOVE

                     10 BENCH PRESS (155#)


                     100 DOUBLE UNDERS

Today i started my third cycle of the windler program. i noticed during my last 1rm squat attempt, which i failed, at the oc throwdown that i was making it pretty far out of the bucket on my squat and getting stuck at that mid-way point. watching it on video it seemed to me that if i could make it that far out of the bottom that i should have been able to stand it up. so for the next two cycles im going to use chains on the squat and switch to a low-bar squat just for some variation, i will also be using bands on the deadlifts. its been a while since ive used either of these tools and i think i could spark up some gains. i wasnt really sure where to start, since ive never maxed out with the chains. the full set of chains weighs about 100lbs so i took 80lbs off what i would have been using for my base number, and used 315# to plug my percentages into. i think that guess was pretty accurate. i went 235#,250#, and 265# for my last set and it was rough. i got 8 reps on my last set. the chains are amazing! felt very challenging all the way through the squat, and not much help from a rebound. i was really able to stay balanced and drive through my heels on all my reps. next was the bench press i used 205,220, and 235, squeezing out 8 reps on the last set. i really need to get my bench in the 300# range, i could definitely see this coming up in a comp at some point in the future and anything under 285# could be detrimental to an overall score. but i was happy with the 8 reps.

after the strength we did something ive been wanting to try, and i really think its going to help. we took about 50% of our 1rm on squat and bench and did a 5x10 on each. zack height and i just played hand off between the exercises and tried to speed squat/bench all the reps. it took me 8:40. i was able to speed squat all sets pretty easily, despite some insane hamstring burn, and i did go unbroken on the bench press but was only able to speed bench the 1st 2 sets, sets 3-5 went 5 speed reps and 5 singles. i was barely able to lock out the last rep of the last set. i have a feeling my chest, tri's, and hamstrings are going to be rocked tomorrow... nice!

for the pm session i felt that i had lifted enough barbells for the day and just needed something gasing. tabata row seems to accomplish that every time so thats what we did. i rowed 1005m total in the tabata row, allowing meters to roll over during rest period. rested 2 minutes, then tabata double unders. i was able to get 248 total, i thought i would be higher on this but my shoulders were wrecked from the bench press. rested 2 minutes, the row 500m, 100 double unders for time. i  finished my row at around 1:38 and was almost able to go unbroken on the double under minus one trip up at 65. i finished that part in 2:55. all in all a good day. as far as i know there is only 3 spots in nor cal for the games this year and i have to go up against a pool of monsters including: blair morrison, jason khalipa, pat barbar, neal maddox, and joey warren. all seasoned gamers hungry to get their spot. when i show up on may 18th i will be as prepared as i possibly could have been, all my weaknesses will be conditioned, and ill be ready to put it all on the line and earn my spot!

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