Wednesday, January 25, 2012




                     SNATCH BALANCE 3X2
                     SNATCH PULL 3X3
                     SNATCH DEADLIFT 3X3


           -5 HANG POWER CLEANS(155#)
           -MUSCLE UP LADDER

Well as suspected i woke up and could barley walk. my legs are thrashed to say the least. it amazing how you can squat every week, train heavy low volume and light high volume, and still manage to get this sore. guess that just means it worked that good!..haha. i haven't been spending as much time with my oly lifts as id like so i wanted to dedicate a whole session just to some snatch work. my legs were too sore for full snatches and i need to get my power snatch numbers up, so i went for a triple. i was able to get up to 195# for 3, i tried 200# but was only able to get 2. im going to try for a double next week, then hopefully pr on a single the following week, my current best is 210#. it seemed that i was getting the weight over my head pretty good, i was just having a hard time stabilizing the catch. my shoulders were pretty sore too from the burnout bench presses and i think it was affecting my strength in that area. i hadn't planned on doing snatch balance, but after felling so unstable on the catch i thought it might be a good idea to throw in. my shoulder fatigue was definitely an issue on these. my plan was to use 235# for all 3 sets, which shouldn't have been a problem, but after failing my 2nd rep on the 1st set i dropped it to 225#. i finished up with a 3x3 snatch pull at 225# and a 3x3 snatch deadlift at 245#. i really liked doing these when i was following the catalyst oly cycle back in November. they really seem to help me stay tight through that 1st pull which always leads to an aggressive and effective second pull.

for the pm session i wanted to incorporate some running but i didn't want to end up doing a long metcon. so instead of combining the two i just did this 1.2ish mile loop we have on this Levy around the gym. its been a while since I've ran it but i felt really good. still, my low back tightness was the factor slowing me down, but i was able to push through pretty good and keep a good pace. i finished in 7:58, which given the state my legs were in i was very happy with. i think my best is somewhere in the low 7's like 7:08 or so. after a little foam rolling i did the 8 min amrap of 5 hpc's at 155# and a muscle up ladder. i knew the muscle ups would be the factor here, but the hang cleans definitely took their tool. i finished 3 muscle ups on my 8th round for a total of 40 hang cleans and 31 muscle ups, not too bad for an 8 minute workout. the plan is to front squat heavy tomorrow, so lots of rolling and a salt bath tonight!

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