Friday, January 27, 2012




                      PRESS 75%X5:80%X5:85%XMAX

           -9 DEADLIFTS(315#)
           -15 THRUSTERS (95#)
           -21 PULL UPS
           -400M RUN

I was really excited to do something long and horrible today, and i got what i wanted. i started off with the strength portion, as i mentioned earlier this week I'm going to use the bands on my deadlifts for the next 2-3 cycles of the windler program. i used the purple bands which are about an 1 1/4 inch or so. not an incredible amount of band tension but definitely enough to make the weight feel way heavier at the top. ive never maxed out with the bands but i guessed them to be about an additional 60#'s or so i used 435# as my base number. for my working sets i used 325#,350#, and 370# for the final set. insteed of going for max reps on the final set i stopped at 5 knowing that i had 45 deadlifts at 315# waiting for me. presses went shitty as usual but I'm going to keep attacking that weakness. i used 180# as my base number and went 135#,145#, and 155# for the final set getting 6 reps. pretty lame considering just a few weeks back i got 165# for 7. my strict press power seems to depend greatly on the level of fatigue in my shoulders going into the lift. the lift uses such small muscles that it hard for me to push heavy when I'm already a little sore. I'm sure doing them on Friday isn't helping the cause but oh well, I'm just going to stick with the plan and see what happens. mobility might be an issue too with this lift. luckily I'm doing the mobility cert next weekend and I'm pumped because i know its going to grind me into mush and rewire my mind on the importance of mobility.

and now for the fun stuff.....excuse my language but this wod was fuckin awesome!!! a kick you in the nuts and punch you in the face kinda way..haha..ok sorry but thats about what it felt like when i was done. complete gaser with just enough lifting to crumple you. i did all the deads unbroken and every set, except for the last, of pull ups unbroken. my grip wouldn't cooperate and i went 13/8.  the thrusters felt light but i knew they would affect the pull ups so i went 15 on the 1st, then 9/6 on the rest of the sets. the running was pretty comical. after the second set, the first 100m of the run was more like a shuffle. but once the legs came back i was able to pick it up pretty good. my goal was to break 25 minutes and i was just over at 25:10. cardio was the factor here, which was good because usually i cant find wods the wreck my lungs that bad. i think fresh with no strength before and some energized legs i could shaved off a minute or two. I'm going to try and do this one again in a month or so. it left me spinning for about 20 minutes. ill be in Santa Cruz this weekend and I'm supposed to hit a wod with Annie Sakamoto, the OG! i remember watching videos of here when i was just a rookie and I'm pretty excited to throwdown next to one of the original badasses!..have a good weekend!

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