Monday, January 2, 2012


Been recovering from this flu still but i think its finally gone. last friday i did my deadlifts and presses then finished with a strongman style wod. this was my 1st workout back since the flu attcked me, i felt pretty tired but not as weak as ii thought. i got all 3 deads at 435# fairly easy, but i struggled on the strict press. i skipped it last week so id have some shoulders for the hspu wod we did and i felt it this week. lesson learned! i cant remember what excatley i got but i know it was less reps than i had knocked oput with that same weight a few weeks hoping ill bounce back this friday, it was really nice to finally see a little progress on this lift. the wod we did was 5-4-3-2-1 atlas stone front squats (118#) and tire flips with a 40m prowler push between each exercise, finishing with 1000m row. great little burner to get back into it

Saturday i was wrecked from the deads and strongman wod but was feeling a little more recovered from the flu so i was excited to train. i was in aptos for the weekend so i shot over to santa cruz west for a workout and chat with owner sam.. this was the 1st time ive been to this gym and it is sick! huge facility with tons of everything a crossfitter could. i wanted to get in some front squats some how so i did a 1rm hang squat clean + 2 front squats. i built up to 275# but didnt have the pop in my back to nail 285#. i think fresh i could get 290#, i really liked this strength complex and im looking forward to trying it again in a couple weeks. next i did a quick shoulder destroying wod of 10 squat snatch (155#), 20 baer muscle up, 30 kb swing(70#), 40 hspu with kip, 50 wall ball(20#). pretty good gaser but i felt very tired and slow through it, i finished somehwere around 12 min. looking forward to getting back to a normal schedule next week and hopefully my full energy. hope you all had a happy new years!

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