Tuesday, January 17, 2012



I got back from so cal yesterday afternoon, feeling tired and hungry. after a few very non paleo meals i retired to my own bed which felt amazing. i decided to take today off as well just to let my body recover a little more. im not too sore but my back is still a little tender from the max effort deadlifts. back to work tomorrow! overall i had a very fun time at the throwdown. the event was fun and so cal is always nice to visit. i finished in 7th place, and felt pretty good about it. i felt like an animal on all the workouts, cyborg mentality and nothing felt like it was slowing me down. i am really excited for the nor cal regional, which is going to be a battle with 5 returning gamers and only 3 spots available.  this event last weekend was described to me by a friend as " a movie that puts all their time into the special effects". the event was a games class event, awesome venue and set up, lots of badass crossfitters and a ton a loud and crazy spectators. However, the programming, judging and scoring needed a little work. most of the events were good tests of fitness, but the cumulative of all the events was not. endurance was never tested, and neither was any variation of duration. all the workouts were 3-7 minutes long and consisted of weightlifting and gymnastics, which i love. but to call it a true test of fitness i feel that running has to be a part of the event in some fashion, and there should be at least one event in the 20 minute range.  one of the events was the crossfit total, a pure strength event, which i placed 27th in with a 375# squat, 485# deadlift, and 170# press. nothing too impressive with only 2 minutes each station, but I felt pretty good about it.  i can take the 27th place there but if there is a pure strength event then there needs to be a pure endurance event as well to balance out the scoring, something like  a 1-3 mile run would have balanced this out perfectly. the other event that killed my ranking was max height box jump. i jumped 49" from a stand still which is good for me, the highest jump was 55".  i took 27th place and the 55" took 1st, this being scored as an individual event meant that i dropped 26 point behind someone who jumped 6" higher. jumping higher is a test a fitness and should be rewarded but i feel that the ability to jump a few inches higher should not have affected the ranking so greatly.  it was a little disappointing to see these programming errors overlooked, but that’s what they threw at us so thats what we did. all in all justin flynn, owner of orange coast crossfit, did an amazing job with the event. they treated  us like rock stars and gave us a very fun weekend. i think there is a definite future with this competition, they just need to work the kinks out. i know a lot goes into these competitions and they are not easy to run, the guys did a good job at keeping things running relatively smooth, just needed a little more thought into the overall programming. it was a ton of fun to compete against some of the top gamers as well as a handful of so cal beasts. it rejuvenated my competitive fire and has gotten me really excited for the open and regional. the game has been elevated!!!!!!

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