Monday, December 5, 2011


                      SQUAT 3X3 @ 80/85/90%
                      BENCH PRESS 3X3 @ 80/85/90%

WOD: 2-4-6-8-6-4-2 SQUAT CLEAN THRUSTER (185#)
            -RUN 200M AFTER EACH SEt

I started today off with some light weight low rep snatches just to get a feel of the lift.  One thing i really enjoyed about the catalyst strength cycle i did was being able to snatch, clean and jerk almost everyday. so when it came time to max i felt very comfortable with the lift. so ive decided to try and snatch 3 days a week, 2 light and one heavy just to get a few more touches with that lift. next was the back squats. ive been basing my percenatges off of 370# which is under my max but im hoping it will alow me to build up more throughout the program. my final set was at 335# and i was able to knock out 5 reps. then it was time for some bench press, another weakness of mine. ive been basing my percenatges off of 265# which is probably a little below my max, but again i didnt want to start too heavy and be failing sets by the 2nd or 3rd week. i used 240# for my last set and punched out 7 reps. not very impressive i know but i was very satisfied since thats how many i got last week with 225#. zack height has been crushing me at the bench latley, pumping out 12 reps at a bodyeight of around 170!, guys is a beast! i finished with 3 sets of 5 hspu with a 4" negative. hspu's are my kryptonite so im going to try and throw them in at least 3 days a week.

after the am session my back was pretty tight, i think it was still a little tight from fridays deadlifts, and the saturday snatch workout. the wod felt really good other than my low back screaming at me the whole time. the weight felt really light, and the runs wernt too bad except for the low back discomfort. i realized i definitely need to start throwing running back into my metcons a little more regularly,  even just those short runs got me breathing pretty hard. i finished the wod in 15:38 and immediatley layed on some ice, which felt pretty amazing.  time for some night stretching and a salt bath in hopes that my back will be ready for some lifts tomorrow!

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