Saturday, December 10, 2011



                       PRESS 3X3 @ 80/85/90%

            8 BURPEES
            12 KB SWINGS (70#)
            8 WALL BALSS (30# BALL)

Started the day off feeling pretty good and was excited to hit some heavy deads. this is the 2nd week of our windler program, which i am liking the concept of, but i think its going to take at least until the 2nd cycle before i really start to see the gains. the deadlifts were feeling really good, using 380,405 and 425. the last set of this program is always for max reps but with the deadlift im trying to keep it to max reps with respectable form, which was only 3 at 425#. next was the press, i uses 140,150,and 160.  i was able to knock out 7 reps at 160 which was only 1 rep less than i got last week at 150!  very happy with that, especially since press is probably my weakest area, it was good to finally see some positive gains in this department.  after the lifts were over we went straight into the wod which was 8 rounds of just raw work capacity. my kind of workout, nothing fancy, just grit your teeth, embrace the pain, and stay moving!  i kept a pretty good pace on this wod, not really slowing down until the 4th or 5th round. i was wasting the most time on the transition between the burpees and the swings. after a few rounds that kettlebell was not looking very enticing but i was trying to force myself to just grab it and go, which everytime i did the 12 swings was not a problem. the same went for the wall balls, it was only 8 but that 30# ball got heavy after a few rounds. i finished the workout in 12:18.  one of my favorite things about crossfit and especially raw work capacity wods like this one, is the mental game. the battle you go through with your mind to convince yourself to stay moving, fight for another rep, pick the weight up and be confident in your abilites.  you face a lot of inner demons and when the workout is finished you have become a stronger person, not just physically but mentally. for that 5,10 or 20 minutes none of your worries matter, it just you and the challenge...and i love it!

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