Tuesday, December 20, 2011



                      SQUAT 3X5 @75/80/85%
                      BENCH PRESS 3X5 @ 75/80/85%
                      *MAX REPS ON LAST SET

           -5 HSPU(-4")
           - 20 BARBELL LUNGES(115#)
           - 40 DOUBLE UNDERS

Well i had planned, and was looking forward to, a deload this week, but i came in feeling pretty good, so decided to skip it and go straight into our 2nd cycle on the windler program. we started off with some power cleans for a triple. i went 225,245,255. i was trying to move fast since i was leaving in about an hour to go to the niner steeler game (go niners!) so i built up my squat a little faster than normal, not taking so many warm up sets. 285 and 305 felt very light. i narrowed my stance and starightened my feet out a little and it felt insanely more powerful. my last set was 325# and i hit it for 13 reps! i was blown away! just 3 weeks ago when we started i used 315# for my last set and only got 7. a huge improvement! i was anxious to move onto the bench press and see if the progress had transfered there as well, and it did! i hit 230# for 10 on the last set, 2 reps more than i had got with 225# 3 weekes earlier. i wasnt a huge fan of this program when we started, it just didnt seem like enough volume to make any progress when comparing to the russian squat cycle we had completed about 2 months ago. but with results like these its going to be hard to agrue its effectiveness. i also like the fact that i can still incorporate oly lifting in my program 2-3 times a week and not take away form it. i was on that high that every crossfitter loves and chases with every workout. loving it! i went right into the wod, moving pretty good but definitely not a specatcular time. with my previous prs on the squat and bench i was  a little fatigued and just menatlly not pushing, i finished in a little over 10 minutes. zack and the other guys did this latter that day and finished under 8 minutes which would be a good time to shoot for. one thing i did take from the workout is i need to incorporate more lunges into my program. my ass was rocked! i would plan on seeing some sort of lunge in my program at least once a week from here on out.

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