Tuesday, December 6, 2011



              75 BOX JUMPS(30")
              50 BURPEES

WOD:4 400M SLED PULL(180#)
WOD:3 ROW 1000M
          200 DOUBLE UNDERS

Alot of volume today, much more than i had planned but thats just how it went down. started of with split jerk in the am. i was planning on going to a 5x1 at around 85% but it was feeling really light so i though id go for a max.  i blast through the 200's and matched my current pr of 305# with ease, so i was pretty excited to set a new pr.  something about jerking 3 wheels just looks and sounds pretty badass so i loaded up 315# and took 3 attempts. my first 2 were very close but couldnt stick any of them, theres a video below of the 1st attempt. next time for sure! after that we tried out yesterdays gymnastics wod of 100 hspu's with kip optional. ive never really worked on kippin hspu's so went racked out weights and went for it. i did the 1st set of 20 with no kip, then started in with kipping. it took me about 30 or so to really get the feel of it but once it got it it felt effortless(relative to strict hspu's). i really wanted to break 10 minutes, but ended up just a little over at 10:31. zack height finished in the mid 8's with all strict hspu's, pretty impressive. we had some time before the 12 class started so we jumped right into the next wod.  with our arms already feeling like noodles we attacked the 100 pull ups ,75 30" box jumps, and 50 burpees. by the time i hit the burpees it was definitely an effort to lift my body off the ground. i finished that wod in 11:14. it was a pretty good lung burner, but primarily it completley tapped out my arm pushing and pulling power.

for the pm session i was planning on just doing some rowing intervals, but that all changed when a couple badasses from manteca show up ready to do work!  buddy hitchcock and moses cordova, both regionall competitors this lasy year. i would have liked to have done something crazy with some weightlifting involved but my body and just about had enough. we eneded up pulling the sled 400m with 180#'s, moses was on my tail the whole way. then we did 1000m row, 200 double unders.  it was good lung burner to finish off the day. my shoulders and lats got instanley repumped from the am work but i was able to keep a pretty good pace. finishing at 6:34, about 15 seconds behind moses...and this kid is only 19! definitely someone to watch out for in the future. im looking forward to hooking up with these guys a couple times a month for an extra push, thanks for coming out guys. tomorrow im looking to hit some heavy power cleans and snatches, so hopefully my arms wont be too wrecked.

buddy, moses, x, and me

heres my 1st attempt at 315( i suck at computers, sorry for the sideways angle)

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  1. Looking forward to following your training. Pretty jealous that your over 300 on the jerk. I'm at 280 so hopefully within a few months i'll be there.