Sunday, December 4, 2011

little visit to CF Lodi

Strength: Power snatch

wod: 15 min amrap:
         -3 squat snatch (155#)
         -1 Rope climb(15')
         - 3 hspu

Paid a ittle visit to our long lost favorite female trainer sara mcroberts at crossfit lodi today.  started off with some power snatches. i didnt really have any rep scheme in mind just wanted to feel something heavy. i got up to 205 on my last set, back felt a little weak from the deadlifts on friday, but matching my pr on this lfit felt pretty good.  next we did the 15 minute amrap of 3 squat snatch at 155#'s, 1 15' rope climb, and 3 hspu's. since the games i havent really been working too much on my rope climbs, primarily because our ropes are only about 12 feet, so i thought this would be a good opportunity to throw them in a wod.  the workout felt pretty good, never getting stuck on nay one part, i was able to knock out 11 rounds plus 2 snatches. after doing this wod i think i should have done maybe 3 rope climbs and either 6 hspu's, or some sort of depth hspu's just to add some difficulty.  all in all it was a good wod, and left my arms and shoulders smoked!  im starting to feela little like my old self with the conditioning. this is the end of my 2nd week going hard on the conditioning and finally its starting to come back.  the oc throwdown in january is going to be a battle with 6 or 7 gamers and a handful of socal badasses taking on the event. im hoping my conditioning will be primed and ready by then.  week 2 of the windler starts on monday, cant wait to squat!

heres a quick video or fridays wod:

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