Thursday, December 8, 2011


                       POWER CLEAN 1RM

               2 POWER CLEAN @80%
              10 GHD SIT UPS


Sarted the day off feeling very tired and fatigued from the previous two days of training, not too sore just worn out. i think im going to try and tapper down my mondays a little. i start the week off feeling fresh and excited to kill some weights with all these ideas of what i want to do and i think i overdue it occasionally, its kind of a problem im trying to fix. haha..but either way i thought it would be a great idea to max out my power clean. i started with some moderate weight snatches just to feel that lift a little, then we hammered the power cleans.  i felt ok going through the lower 200's and even felt ok at 265# (5#'s below my max). i took about 5 pulls at 275# and with disappointment didnt land any of them.. i was able to catch everyone of them but my legs and midline just could stabilize it... at this point i knew i might be a little overtrained..right after my relentless attempts at the 275 we did the 5 minute amrap, i used 225# and was able to get 6 rounds + 2 reps. again my legs just couldnt handle the ghd, i was hobbiling off the ghd by the 3rd set.  feeling a little defeated, i ate a shit load of food, trained a class, and headed over to uop for a staidium run.  leading up to the games i would hit this stadium almost every week with either a full lap of every set of stairs or some sort of intervals. but its been about 4 -5 months since i last ran them.. theres about 23 sets of stairs and by the 3rd set i was feeling it. it felt exactley how i remember it feeling when i used to run them with the weight vest, except this time my weight vest was the extra 15lbs ive gained since the games.. the extra weight feels great when i lift but running uop was an eye opener...TIME TO GET MY FATASS BACK IN CROSSFIT SHAPE!..haha...paleo is in full effect now with a lower carb day on my off day to stimulate some fatloss. im hoping to shred back down and be able to stay 4-5 lbs heavier than i was at the games...time for some rest and recovery so i can smash on some heavy deads on friday!

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  1. I am right there with you! I am ready to hit it hard with Paleo! Thanks for doing this! It will be great to follow!